Anarchy's Call Of Cthulhu Handbook - A handbook for players


Contrary to what most GMs say, there are some skills which are more important than others. Here they are (In my opinion):

* Firearm - You'll need a damn good weapon for defense * Spot Hidden - You'll constantly roll this to see if you notice important things * Dodge - Used constantly in battle * First Aid - Some of you will be injured, a lot. Get this and use it. * Library Use - You'll need to research clues, etc. A must. * Listen - Used half as often as Spot Hidden, but still important * Knife/Punch/Kick - When your GM takes away your gun...

There are also a few skills which SOMEONE in your party should have. These are:

* Fast Talk - You'll need to bypass hazardous situations quickly. * Medicine - First Aid can only do so much. * Mechanical Repair - For fixin' guns. * Locksmith - Gotta have this, at least when in a place with locks. * Sneak - Don't let those cultists hear you. * Climb - Gotta sneak into some places. * Throw - For grappling hooks, knives, etc. This goes with climb. * Photography - Otherwise no one will believe you. * Law - Jail sucks. * Coneal - Hide your stuff when you don't want it found. * Psychoanalysis - If you have it, it can slowly get back sanity.


If you all choose "shotgun" as your firearm skill, you get three advantages:

* You can use each other's weapon, should you need to. * You do a lot of damage. * You begin with 30% skill

Sleep in shifts, with one investigator, or two if possible, watching over everything. Get equal amounts of sleep.

Keep your backs covered. In battle, always fight back-to-back if possible, and never assume that the enemies being fought will be the only enemies. Others may join.

If possible, kill everyone you fight. Extract information first, if needed, and then kill them.


If possible, carry two of each weapon, at all times.

Try to enhance hand attacks with sap-gloves/brass-knuckles and your kick attacks with steel-toe boots.

Get rope, handcuffs, etc. for capture of enemies.

A magnifying glass is a good tool to have, for fire creation.

Disfigure your character somehow, or give the police, etc., some way to identify your body should you be injured or murdered.

Read every Mythos-related book you get your hands on, no matter the cost.

Put out rewards in local newspapers if useful. To raise money, become P.I.'s


Once you begin the campaign, any characters that are made while the campaign is already in session, should be shaped TO the campaign. If all you do is fight, pick a character who can. If the party badly needs a doctor, be one! This is usually allowed/unobserved by the GM, so do it!