Extra-Sensory Perception

    Here are some categories ESP powers might fall in. Keep in mind that not all combinations make sense, and Keeper moderation is essential.





Category descriptions:

Sense: The essence of ESP, broadened perceptions. Most Psychic phenomena are some form of perception, and Keepers may wish to encourage players to pick predominantly sensory abilities.

Ward: Causes the target to not see, hear, or notice the Psychic. It is suggested that 'soft' warding should be handled like scanning. Ward doesn't work really with things or places. A Keeper may choose to allow a Psychic ability to place Wards in places or things.

Attract: The art of being noticed or noticeable, to project one's image or voice. With Emotions can function as a Presence ability.

Project: Projection sends a specific influence or signal to a target. Telepathy is a form of projection, as is astral travel.

Manipulate: Illusions, emotional control, this is a powerful series of abilities that should be carefully looked at by a Keeper, though keep in mind that active use of Psychic abilities, particularly contested ones, is very draining.

Life: Can either reflect overall symbols (Precog Life: I see the Mage in your future) or life energies (Sense Life: Hmm. There's someone behind the curtain)

Manipulating life can be combined with First Aid or Medicine: Normal connection, then Use power with First Aid or Medicine roll. If successful, two healing dice are rolled, best chosen +1. Or it can be used to harm: connection and use power with fist-punch skill. If this succeeds, damage dice are rolled twice, best result is taken. These abilities are very abusable, so be cautious.

Weather: Either Sense Future Weather, or Manipulate Present/Future Weather. A common broad ability.

Specific abilities:

Empathy: Sense Present Emotions of People

Telempathy: Project Present Emotions to People

Precognition: Sense Future Vision of People

Psychometry: Sense Past of Things, either in visions or voices

Telepathy (send): Project Sound (or Vision) to People

Telepathy (receive): Mindreading, Sense Thoughts (visual or internal dialogue) of People With optional 'similar power' rule, having one Telepathic power allows the other at x1/2 skill.

Channeling: Could be sense or manipulate, true channeling is essentially Telepathy dealing with spirits.

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