Indiana Jones for Call of Cthulhu By John-Mark Vidal & Dany St Stone


STR: 16 DEX: 20 INT: 18 Idea: 90% CON: 18 APP: 15 POW: 18 Luck: 90% SIZ: 16 SAN: 99 EDU: 20 Know: 100%

Magic Points: 18 Hit Points: 17 Sanity Points: 75

Damage Bonus: +1d4

Weapons: Head Butt 50%, damage 1d4+1d4 Kick 50%, damage 1d6+1d4 Fist 80%, damage 1d3+1d4 Wrestling 50%, damage special Baseball Bat 50%, damage 1d8+1d4 Saber 50%, damage 1d8+1+1d4 Knife 50%, damage 1d4+2+1d4 Whip 90%, damage 1d3+entangle Handgun 50%, damage varies Rifle 50%, damage varies Submachinegun 50%, damage varies

Skills: Anthropology 60%, Archaeology 80%, Astronomy 25%, Bargain 30%, Botany 45%, Cartography 60%, Chemistery 25%, Climb 60%, Conceal 25%, Diagnose Disease 40%, Dodge 60%, Drive Auto: 70%, Electrical Repair 30%, Fast Talk 50%, First Aid 60%, Geology 55% Hide 70%, History 70%, Jump 60%, Library Use 80%, Mech. Repair 40%, Op. Hvy. Machinery 30%, Oratory 50%, Law 40%, Linguistic 30%, Listen 45%, Occultism 25%, Persuade 60%, Pharmacy 25%, Photography 25%, Psychology 50%, Sneak 50%, Spot Hidden 90%, Swim 65%, Throw 65%, Tracking 50%, Zoology 25%.

The strong point of Indiana Jones is his ability to exit unharmed from the most harmful situations. He is not, nevertheless, a superman: if he can confront and conquer his numerous adversaries it is thanks to his luck more than physical force. Nevertheless, his physical qualities are not negligible. Indy is a complete athlete, as shown in his scores for SIZ and STR. But it is his CON that has to retain our attention... Thanks to it, Indy has often escaped from the claws of the death: contrarily to an ordinary player character, Indy does not recuperate a hit point per day, but rather one every hour of rest, which means that in 24 hours, he can recover from his injuries and resume his adventures. More, Indy does not collapse before his hit points to 0 or below. Even in this case, Indiana Jones is not dead but resting in a deep coma. He recuperates 1 "negative" hit point every 3 hours, even if it is to -10.

Example: Indiana Jones is machine-gunned in his apartment. He is left for dead at -7 hit points. Indy heals, and 24 hours later, he has the force to crawl to the telephone to call a physician. But, in order for this resurrection to be possible, it is necessary that circumstances be right: if Indy is abandoned in this state at the North Pole or in the Sahara at noon, he will remain death. Similarly, if he is pulverized by a bomb or crushed by a trailer, you can consider him dead if his hit points becomes negative.

The DEX of Indiana Jones, also is exceptional, giving him 60% in DODGE. It allows it to avoid arms such that javelins, arrows, and even bullets from a guns (at -20%). On the other hand, do not forget that Indy is an academic (the doctor Jones), what explains his scores in INT and EDU.

Indy also possesses a remarkable capacity for adaptation. He can reach a score of up to 25% in a skill that he did not previously know provided that he possesses some other skill that is vaguely related, provided he makes a roll in that other skill.

Example: Fleeing the bad guy, Indy seizes a plane and decides to pilot it to escape. He has no skill in Pilot Plane (0%), but has a 70% skill in Drive Automobile. If he succeeds at his Drive Automobile skill he benefits from a quarter of its percentage to Pilot Plane (ie, 17%). Thanks to luck, if dice rolls are not catastophic, Indy can pilot the plane high into the sky, and then land it without damage.

This ability of adaptation explains Indy's prodigious gift for languages. Indiana Jones speaks all major languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, etc) to 50 % at least, as well as a great numbers of small dialects, following the needs of the scenario. In general, after 48 hours of constant exposure to a language, Indy already knows the rudiments.