Psychokinetics are masters of the elements, of wind and matter, fire and storm. Although most of the magi of ancient times relied on dark forces and spells out of the reach of humanity, a not inconsiderable number of wise women and shamans were Psychics. Use of PK abilities is treated like ESP abilities, in terms of connection and use. PK on someone or their items usually requires a MP check. Use of PK abilities when someone is cooperating or in minor ways requires a POW check. Use of PK abilities on unresisting items usually requires a Luck roll.

Aerokinesis: Control wind and air, raise and lower temperature or humidity. Not overwhelmingly powerful, but handy. It can be used to strangle (smother) a target. This does not allow flight.

Pyrokinesis: Set things on fire, dampen fires, build fires up. Can be useful as a distraction or to seriously wound opponents.

Telekinesis: The classic PK ability, levitating objects and throwing them about. Unconsciously, some people create poltergeist events with this ability. STR, for grapple, is equal to MP remaining, and can be considered the strength of grip on items. Damage of items 'picked up' is MPx2 on STR table for personal attack bonus, if 0 or less it is moving too slowly to hurt. Speed of items is MP-Siz of items. If MP is more than Sizx5 of item, can be used at x1/2 skill. From x2-x5, skills can be used at x1/5. Below that, control is rather shakey.

Electrokinesis: Static and generating electromagnetic forces. Often consists of being able to manipulate metal objects, detect fields around the EK, or be able to 'shock' others.

Minitelekinesis: The ability to influence dice rolls and other small objects. Like regular telekinesis, but can only be used on small items or parts of devices. It can, however, be used on things unseen, like the mechanism of a lock or slot machine.

Weather: As with ESP, either predicting or shaping weather. This sort of Psychic phenomena is less easily classified.

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